Reserve your Golden Retriever Companion​ in 3 Steps 
Puppy Application

Let the fun begin!! To reserve your new companion, begin by telling us a little bit about yourself... This helps us  know more about you, and what you are looking for in a puppy.  We will contact you typically within 24 hours to discuss! By submitting this form, you are NOT required to pay a deposit. However, your puppy is NOT held until we receive your Purchase Agreement & Deposit. 


*First & Last Name
*Is this your first dog/puppy? Please explain!
*What gender do you prefer? (Male or Female)
*Phone Number
*How did you find out about us? (Friend/Neighbor, Google, Facebook, AKC Marketplace, etc.)
Spouse/Partner's Name
*Address (City, State, & Zip)
*Why are you are primarily looking for a puppy? (Pet/Companion, Service Dog, Therapy Dog, etc.)
*When would you ideally like to adopt a puppy? (Now, in 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12+ months)
*Where is your puppy going to live? (House, Apartment, Condo, etc.)
*Do you own or rent?
*Who will mostly take care of your puppy? (Me, My Spouse/Partner, My Child, Family Member, etc.)
*How many hours a day will your puppy spend home alone? (0-4 hours, 4-8 hours, 8+ hours)
*Do you currently have any other pets? (Dogs, Cats, Etc.)
Purchase Agreement

Fill out the highlighted parts of the Purchase Agreement (linked below), and email a copy to us at [email protected]  You will recieve a completed hard copy of this at the time of pick up.


Purchase Agreement
$500 Deposit​​​​

Litter picks are determined based upon the order of deposit received (IN HAND).  
We accept Depsits via PayPal (linked below), Cashier's Check/Postal Money Order, or Cash. 


Cashier's Check
Postal Money Order