Purchasing Information

Reserving a puppy

Of course, now the FUN begins!  How do you actually get to be assured that you can be a Forever Family of one of our beautiful english creams?  

Before a litter is born, we only accept a few reservations on both males and females.  After those spots are filled, we will begin a waiting list.  Once the puppies arrive, if there are more puppies available than we have reserved, we will contact the people on the waiting list.  If anyone on the waiting list wants a puppy, and one is available, or becomes available for them, a deposit to reserve your puppy is required within 3 days or we will move on to the next person on the list.  

Reserve your new
Companion Now! 

Making a Deposit

Once you've filled out our request form, a NON-REFUNDABLE* deposit of $500 will hold your puppy.  The deposit will be applied towards the full purchase price of your puppy.  Puppies are picked in order that the deposits are received (IN HAND).  You must choose whether you want a male or female at the time you make your deposit.  It pays to get your deposit in early!  Some even put deposits in before a breeding! 

We accept Deposits via Paypal, Cashier's Check, Postal Money Order, or Cash if you prefer to deliver the deposit in person.

* Click on the "Reserve your new Companion Now!" button in the section above to find the our Purchase Agreement.  Within the purchase agreement, you'll see the exceptions to this.

Paying for your Puppy

​The price of the puppy depends on the litter.  The full payment of your puppy (including any delivery fees) will be due at the time your puppy reaches 6 weeks of age. 

We accept final payments via Cashier's Check or Postal Money Order before you pick up your pup. Or if you prefer to pay your balance at the time of pick up (in person) we ONLY accept Cash at that time. (PAYPAL IS NOT ACCEPTED FOR ADDITONAL PAYMENTS; PAYPAL IS ONLY ACCEPTED FOR INITIAL DEPOSIT).

Choosing your puppy

We want you to get your perfect new companion, but we just ask that you call first and make an appointment so we can make sure we have plenty of time to spend answering your questions and making you feel at home.

We encourage families to come visit the puppies as early as 3 weeks to start holding them and socializing with them.  And then Individual puppies may be "chosen" at 7 weeks of age when personalities and physical traits become more apparent, when the puppy considered "neurologically complete," and it has the brain of an adult dog.  If you are interested in upgrading to "first pick" for an additional $300, please ask if it is still available for either Male or Female.  After that, choosing your puppy is done by order of reservation.  

If you are unable to make a trip, or if your new companion is being delivered, we can send you a few different pictures and tell you a little about each of the puppies personalities for you to choose from.

Preparing for your new companion

After receiving your puppy request form, purchase agreement, & deposit, we'll send you an extensive guide to help you prepare for, care for, & raise your new golden retriever companion! This will include suggested items to have before you take your puppy home, food/vitamins/treats/toys recommendations, grooming/exercise recommendations,  training tips & recommended books/videos, potty/crate training, what preventative vaccines & meds we recommend discussing with your vet, & some help identifying certain medical concerns (especially while young & during transition to new home).​​​​​​​

Driving in to pick up your puppy

It’s the most exciting moment isn’t it? The day you get to bring your puppy home.
It isn’t surprising we all want that day to come as soon as possible, but there are various factors that we carefully consider, in order to do the best for your puppy.  

You may pick up your new companion once he/she has reached 8 weeks old.  

We want what's best for our puppies and we know that this will affect all aspects of their early life in a positive way.  Therefore, we are very strict about keeping them here with their mother and siblings until then.   

When picking up a pup it is good to have a crate and/or a laundry basket, an old towel, leash, collar, food and water bowl, a water jug, zip lock bags, paper towels, and wet wipes.  We send your pup home with a small bag of food.  As a new puppy owner we ask for you to be a responsible dog owner and pick up after your dog should he/she stool while in a public area.  The wet wipes are nice if the dog gets car sick.  We only feed them lightly when they go home to decrease the risk of car sickness.  

Your pup will need a properly fitting collar so it can potty safely if you need to stop on the way home. 
A laundry basket is good if your traveling home with one or more passengers that may want to interact with the pup.  The laundry basket allows some level of containment but allows easier interaction than a crate. 

Your puppy will be freshly bathed & nails clipped prior to your arrival!

flying in to pick up your puppy

Make sure your airline has approved you carrying your pup on the airlines.  Some airlines require a health certificate; please check to be sure if you will need this document.  You will need an air-line approved carrier of some sort to place under the seat during flight.  It is nice to have a small dish for food and water if you have a layover.  You should also have a small bottle of water, ziplock bag for stool pick up, leash, collar, wet wipes, and some potty pads.  You might need the potty pad to potty your pup if you are between flights and don’t have time to leave the airport.  Sometimes wet wipes can be helpful if your dog gets airsick.  

Shipping your puppy to you

If you are unable to pick up your puppy, we can offer to ship them to you for ​​​​​​an additional cost of $550.

We use United Airlines because they are temperature-controlled from the time they are dropped off by us, until the time that they are picked up, and in your arms! They guarantee that the puppy will be picked up in a temperature-controlled vehicle and transported to the next flight.  

We potty your dog just before the flight but there is always a chance your pup may have an accident in his/her crate during the flight.  To be safe it is good to bring some quick clean up supplies with you to the airport.  We suggest you bring some wet wipes and old towels.  

We will give them a few ice cubes to lap on, while awaiting takeoff and during flight, as they don't allow water during flight because of chance of spilling when plane tilts at takeoff/landing.  Then the flight attendants will offer water at layover terminals so ensure they won't become dehydrated.  

We'll also attach a small bag of Life's Abundance All Stage Dog Food to the crate so that in the case of an emergency and they need fed, they will be given what they are used to.  

They will travel in a separate area that is just for pets (apart of luggage cargo, below the main cabin of the aircraft) that is the same temperature and air pressure as the main cabin.  They will be the last ones loaded on the air craft before take off & the first ones unloaded at landing.  

Female dogs secrete special pheromones while nursing their offspring called “dog appeasing pheromones" or "D.A.P.” They act to comfort and reassure puppies in times of stress.  We spray Adaptil DAP in your puppy’s crate in order to decrease your puppy’s stress response to shipping

Also, before they travel, they will have been exposed to an array of airport sounds so that they can enjoy a more relaxed, easy journey. We want only the best for your new companion during shipment so they arrive to you healthy and happy!!​​​​​​​​​​​​​  .

We will also provide:
  • a health certificate to travel (provided by our vet)
  • an airline-approved travel crate with an I.D. Tag and a clip-on food/water dish
  • a collar with I.D. Tag

We will provide you the pick up location for your airport and flight reservation number, and you just need a valid I.D.  Your puppy is typically ready for pick up 30 - 60 minutes after arrival of airplane!  

We do recommend bringing a leash to let puppy potty when he/she arrives, and to give him/her a chance to stretch their legs a bit before riding home in your car.  And also some ziplock bags to pick up after your dog as he/she stools.  It is a good idea to read “Driving your puppy home” (above) to get suggestions for supplies to have on hand for driving home.